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We are sure you are not looking for just another eCommerce that does not stand out in your industry and fails to attract shoppers. We are committed to designing & developing an eCommerce that not only accomplishes your business demands but also attracts your customers and generates ROI. Your online store is nothing but a salesman that markets your products 24X7 with no sick leave. So let us groom your online store in a way that converts sales on autopilot.

The prime focus of the Banttech eCommerce website development team is to understand your business needs, validate your online model and then deliver something that has an advanced technical foundation with the customer's oriented user interface. We are very well capable of developing fully customized eCommerce websites by integrating ERP systems that pull data from multiple sources and provide an excellent customer experience to end-users.

A tailored solution that perfectly matches your brand & eCommerce goals. There are no boundaries to what we can accomplish together.

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What Differentiates Us?

How we turn shoppers into buyers with your branded eCommerce Website & Apps.

Let Us Demonstrate

Step 1

Validating Business Idea

We love heading new ideas, but unlike others, we don't jump into the development phase or bombard clients with quotation emails. No, that's not our ideology!

  • Validate business ideas & understand the needs
  • Validate functionalities
  • Understand target audiences
  • Consider business barriers & plan accordingly
  • Sketch our client's custom demands

Step 2

Project Planning

We conduct a detailed SWOT analysis and data-driven research to plan the stages of our eCommerce web development services.

  • Build a well-defined buyer persona
  • Choose the right development platform
  • Ensure Scalable & Reliable Technology
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Data-driven research to plan the stages

Step 3

Sketching Wireframes

Outlining the page functionality and navigational structure in simplified and schematic wireframes of your future website interface.

  • Outlining the project planning
  • Simplified functionality structure
  • Define navigation & Customer Journey
  • Get you a close idea of the future website interface
  • Ensure an easy-to-use admin panel

Step 4

Modules Implementation

Develop, enhance, and deploy the store. We divide the whole development and ensure module-by-module testing and updates to clients.

  • Module-wise working approach
  • Start deploying work
  • Bug-free live updates
  • Client’s feedback consideration
  • Get the Beta Version ready for testing

Step 5

Final Deliverables

Once we finish mainstream line work we start optimizing code and storefront to adhere to Google recommended coding standards.

  • SEO On-Page Optimization
  • Ensure Quick Loading Speed
  • Finish cosmetic changes
  • Deploy work to the live server
  • Provide 30 days of full backend support

Building stores that Work and deliver great shopping possibilities!

Before you achieve your goals, your visitors must first achieve theirs.

The secret to winning the eCommerce game lies in having an online presence that matches the expectations of your audience and compels them to convert. And it calls for eCommerce website development expertise laser-focused on UX. To attract the desired audience, you need an eCommerce store that is visually stunning and conversion-focused. Whether you are a startup, an evolving business, or an established brand, we can help you grow in the digital space. With a team that understands eCommerce like the back of its hand and has in-depth know-how about all the popular development platforms, we emerge as a partner you can trust. We not only assist businesses in creating eCommerce solutions that give them a solid foundation but also ensure that they run seamlessly through their evolution.

For the past two decades, we’ve been helping eCommerce and m-Commerce businesses increase their client reach and develop their income through the ideal blend of omnichannel presence. Our know-your-client apparatuses and client-driven solutions redefine digital commerce. Being a leading custom eCommerce development company in Breilly, we help B2B and B2C customers drive their clients’ fulfilment, grow their traffic, and increase leads.

Building stores

Our Passionate Team
Has Proven Expertise

in the Following Areas of eCommerce Website Development

Strategy & Consultation eCommerce

Not sure how to bring your business to the online domain? Our eCommerce development services include strategy and consultation to help you get the best custom solution for your eCommerce business.

Custom eCommerce Design

Our expert UI / UX designers create the best user experience by merging innovation, creativity, conversion, and content to create masterpieces that can make your online store stand apart from the competition.

eCommerce Website Development

Our eCommerce website solutions focus on making online stores faster, reliable, secure and scalable. We have years of expertise in creating eCommerce websites that are in line with industry trends and customer preferences.

eCommerce Website Optimization

Just creating an eCommerce website isn’t enough. Optimization is crucial for getting the maximum benefit out of the online store. Our eCommerce website development services assure top-notch optimization for superior performance.

eCommerce Platform Migration

Not happy with your current eCommerce platform? We can help you to migrate your eCommerce website to the most suitable and effective platform with seamless integration and no downtime.

Custom Carting Solutions

Need flexible payment options? Do you want to offer fast checkout and carting solutions? Get your preferred payment gateway integration and scale up to meet growing demands without delays.

Superior Order Management Solutions

Enjoy zero-error order management with our superior order management solutions. Be it product returns or custom product delivery requests, we make sure that your eCommerce website delivers high performance even under pressure.

Scalable Architecture And Cloud Solutions

Your eCommerce business wasn’t meant to serve just one location. Whether you are a B2B or B2C online store, you can always scale up seamlessly with our eCommerce website development services.

High-Security Protocols For Data Protection

Security is of paramount importance for eCommerce websites. We implement stringent security protocols and encryption to protect customers from identity theft, data theft and fraudulent transactions.

OUR Expertise

Transforming E-commerce Landscapes with Expert Development – Elevate your online presence with our tailored solutions, combining intuitive design and robust functionality to drive sales and enhance customer experiences.

Platform Selection

Beyond helping you decide the best and appropriate platform, we customize and make the store unique as per your business value.

User Interface

By anticipating what users might look for, we create interface elements that are intuitive and navigated easily.

Shopping Experience Tools

Easy add-to cart, wishlist, simplified checkout, flexible payment gateway options, and more for enhanced shopping experiences.

Social media power

Get extensive social media benefits through online product sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


We include a clear message, content, value, and social media to promote your brand identity online in less time.


Our security measures involve the best practices of the industry like SSL certificates, free from bugs, and regular updates.


The website delivered by us will be SEO optimized, load easily upon surfing and reache a wide range of customers.

Analytics and Reporting

We offer reliable analytics and interactive reporting for visitor tracking, navigation analysis, traffic segmentation, and more.

Integration of Emerging Technologies

We have an entirely adjustable plan for our customers to meet their business objectives including eCommerce solutions using multiple third-party integrations.

Migration and Upgradation

Get complete eCommerce website migration and up-gradation with the help of the most recent accessible innovation.

mCommerce Development

We give full-cycle mCommerce development solutions beginning from planning to delivery and to deploying on the app store.

Customizable Website

Our designers use a responsive way to make your site alluring. We at Banttech help you tweak the themes and modules of your eCommerce business as per your business prerequisite.

A Stunning Ecommerce Store Awaits You

A Stunning eCommerce Store Awaits You!

Let us develop a tailored solution that perfectly matches your brand & eCommerce goals. There are no boundaries to what we can accomplish together.

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