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Because top-notch brands are crafted on multiple fronts.
This rare combo means less shopping around for our
clients and more ways to get creative for us.

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Why Do We EXIST?

To ensure a complete balance between technology and marketing. We are committed to developing digital solutions that convert OUTCOMES for our clients. Either your product does not convert customers or your company is struggling to find an automated, easy-to-use system that minimizes business efforts, in both cases, you can count on us.

Our expectations are extremely high and we hold ourselves accountable. We all do the dirty work. No one in the company sees themselves above any task.

Prashant Saxena
Found -
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BANTTECH at a Glance

Embed Team Banttech to leverage the power of technology and innovation for a brighter outcome. We listen, optimize and collaboratively work together to make things - easy & faster than you’d believe. Yes,
It’s in the Name


Digital Solutions that suit your pocket. We understand how COVID-19 has hit businesses' cash flow, and therefore we are committed to providing affordable business solutions for growing startups.

BANTTECH at a glance.


You need a skilled team that delivers products that yield results. We have 80% of repeat customers which means we added exceptional value to their products when we developed and delivered the first time.

BANTTECH at a glance.


Customisation is always challenging - and we love it. We work specifically based on the client's needs & deliver something that fulfils its purpose. After all "Need is the Mother of Creativity.

BANTTECH at a glance.


Project Completed on time = Successful Project. We works hard to maintain the deadlines, Our team work with different adjustments to avoid unexpected delays.

BANTTECH at a glance.


Make Your Idea A Reality

We Empower Business With Out Of The Box Digital Solutions. We understand the necessity of a skilled team that recognises your business obstructions and supports you with best-in-class & easy-to-use digital solutions.

Setup A Free Consultation To Understand How We Can Take Your Ideas From Concept To Reality.

Shall We?   


Incorporate high Technology
for every business owner

To be the company that best understands and satisfies consumers with the high-quality, low-cost, easy-to-use products/services and self-fulfilment needs of the entire team — globally.

Feature Services

Team Banttech transforms the way our clients launch --> Run --> and Grow their business digitally. Our services are planned to accelerate growth for brands with Innovation, Experience and Technology

"Bespoke eCommerce" That Sells Itself

  • Fully Customize Store
  • On-Page SEO Optimise Store
  • Intuitive Mobile Apps
  • Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • Advance Vendor Panel
  • Excellent Load Time
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Premium "Mobile Application" Development

  • Fully Customized Mobile App
  • On-Demand App Solutions
  • Customer's Oriented UI/UX
  • Robust & Scalable Solution
  • Integrated Marketing Tools
  • Hybrid & Native App Development
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Solution Oriented "Digital Marketing"

  • Unlock Massive Organic Traffic
  • Website On-Page Optimisation
  • ROI Focused Campaigns
  • Get Social Media Coverage
  • Guaranteed Keyword Ranking
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"Content Writing" By Humans

  • Create Epic Content that Converts
  • Audience Oriented Content
  • Content that Ranks Itself
  • Regular Blog Writing
  • 100% Unique Content Copies
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What Some of my Clients Say

The Way We Can Help You
Move Your Business Online

We Changed The Way Local Shop Managed Billing and Inventory. Now you can do customer billing at the shop counter, and manage Online Orders and Inventory all together from ONE ADMIN.

Move Offline To Online

One Software that will make your business online, enable shop counter billing and manage your online order with the same inventory.

Move Offline To Online

Less Investment, Maximum
Saving & Zero Hassle

Banttech ePOS

  • No Installation
  • Unlimited Products
  • Multi User Logins - no additional cost
  • One time Licence
  • Manage Indian GST

Get Website + Mobile Apps With ePOS

Plans Included:
  • Sell your products Online
  • Allow Customers to buy from a Mobile App
  • Synchronized Online & Offline Inventory
  • Integrated Whatsapp Marketing Tool

Synergy To Growth

Our key assets — skilled, experienced, data-driven developers help us stay ahead of the other IT outsourcing companies.

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