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Learn How to Develop Full Flashes Mobile Application Development Using Flutter and Dart

Mobile Technology

If your passion lies in mobile technology, delve into the realm of Android and IOS development through our mobile app development course in Bareilly. Embark on a journey from fundamental to advanced levels, guided by seasoned industry professionals. This expertly crafted course not only transforms you into an Android and IOS development virtuoso but also primes you for lucrative job opportunities. No prior programming background is required; anyone using a smartphone to explore the web and applications can benefit from this tailored mobile app development course in Bareilly.

Mobile Technology
hands-on practical training

hands-on practical training

Banttech stands out as the premier destination for mobile app development training in Bareilly, offering students industry-standard education to secure top-tier positions. Our hands-on practical training, immersed in real-time project work, is led by industry experts boasting over 8 years of experience in mobile app development. Catering to both beginners and working professionals, our classroom training comes with placement facilities, while our online classes offer an affordable and flexible fee structure. Live trainers actively address queries and provide supplementary online learning materials. Upon session completion, access backup video classes for continuous learning.

advanced training module

Cap off your mobile app development course in Bareilly by mastering app building through our advanced training module. The comprehensive curriculum guides you through creating cross platform mobile app development that will seamlessly work on android and iOS devices, employing step-by-step instructions. Industry-experienced trainers walk you through the intricacies of developing top notch mobile applications using flutter and dart as your front end technology. Gain insights into application architecture and key design principles crucial for successful development. Our commitment ensures each candidate receives quality training, acquiring practical skills for a seamless transition into the industry. With 100% placement support, we pave the way for students to secure positions in top companies and realize their career aspirations.

advanced training module

Genuine Work Experience, Project-Based Learning with Banttech's

Mobile Application Development Training Program in Bareilly

The most effective method of acquiring a skill is by putting theoretical knowledge into practice in real-world scenarios. At Banttech, we elevate this approach by providing you with authentic work experience-based learning. Unlike traditional tutorial-based learning, our app development training program in Bareilly immerses you in the actual process of building tangible products, mirroring the experiences of seasoned professionals.

Essentially, our mobile app development training course cultivates your growth in a manner akin to how professionals thrive in leading product companies. You won't just gain theoretical knowledge; you'll actively participate in the creation of real-world projects, fostering a deep understanding and practical application of mobile app development skills. This hands-on, project-based app development learning ensures that you not only absorb information but also develop the ability to navigate and contribute effectively in a professional setting, setting you on the path to a successful career in app development.

Building stores

Why Choose Banttech Mobile APP Development
Training Program in Bareilly?

Banttech's Mobile App Development Training Program in Bareilly stands out for several compelling reasons, making it a top choice for aspiring individuals seeking a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Industry Experience

With a remarkable track record spanning over 20 years, Team Banttech brings a wealth of experience as a leading IT company specializing in software development, engineering, recruitment processes, and training services. This extensive background ensures that students benefit from a curriculum grounded in practical industry insights and real-world applications.

Holistic Development

Recognizing the importance of more than just technical proficiency, Banttech's program emphasizes holistic development. In addition to honing technical skills, students receive essential soft skills training. This comprehensive approach prepares individuals for the multifaceted challenges of the industry, fostering well-rounded professionals.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Learning is optimized in an environment equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Banttech ensures that students have access to cutting-edge facilities, enhancing the overall learning experience. A conducive and advanced setting contributes to an immersive educational journey, facilitating effective learning and skill acquisition.

Access to Experts

Students enrolled in Banttech's program gain valuable access to an extensive network of industry experts. This connection provides insights and guidance throughout the training journey, offering a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals actively involved in the mobile app development landscape.

Comprehensive Training Program

The training program at Banttech goes beyond the conventional by offering a unique combination of Classroom & On-the-Job Training. This approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience, with course content that is not only up-to-date but also thorough. The integration of practical training alongside theoretical knowledge equips students with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of mobile app development.

In-House Placement Opportunity

Banttech not only provides training but also opens doors for potential job opportunities. With an in-house placement program, students have the chance to apply their skills immediately after completing the program, ensuring a seamless transition from learning to practical application in a professional setting. This integrated approach enhances the overall value of the training program, emphasizing real-world success for its participants.

Master the fundamental concepts

of Flutter and Dart from the ground up with our systematic designed
Mobile App development course.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Hybrid Mobile App Development and Its Unparalleled Demand

Developing mobile applications is crucial for companies to meet their specific needs and cater to user requirements. While there are different types of apps—web-based and native—hybrid mobile apps have become increasingly popular. The appeal lies in their adaptability across various platforms, ensuring consistent performance irrespective of the device. Beyond their technical advantages, hybrid apps offer a cost-effective solution, expediting the process of securing a place in the competitive app store market.

Hybrid Mobile App

Understanding Hybrid Mobile App Development

When it comes to crafting mobile apps, the choice between web-based, native, or hybrid depends on the unique needs of each company and the preferences of their users. Web-based and native apps have their advantages, but hybrid apps have emerged as a favorable option due to their flexibility across different platforms. This flexibility allows developers to create applications that deliver reliable performance, regardless of the device or operating system.

One significant benefit of hybrid apps is their cost-effectiveness. Developing and maintaining hybrid apps typically incurs lower costs compared to their native counterparts. This financial advantage makes hybrid app development an attractive choice for companies looking to optimize their budgets while delivering quality applications.

Moreover, the adaptability of hybrid apps expedites their entry into the app store market. The streamlined development process ensures a quicker turnaround time from conceptualization to app store availability. This speed is advantageous in the dynamic and competitive landscape of mobile applications, allowing companies to reach their target audience swiftly.

In conclusion, the choice of mobile app development type depends on the specific requirements of companies and the preferences of users. Hybrid apps offer a balanced solution, combining technical efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a faster route to the app store market. As the mobile app industry continues to evolve, understanding the advantages of hybrid app development becomes crucial for companies seeking a competitive edge.

App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Further Decoding Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps represent a fusion of native and web app components, functioning primarily as web apps within a native app environment. These applications seamlessly tap into the capabilities of mobile platforms, providing a unique blend of native and web characteristics.

Choosing Hybrid Mobile App Development

The decision to opt for hybrid mobile app development stems from its ability to leverage shared code across Android and iOS platforms, offering an optimal combination of native and web features. For businesses seeking widespread device compatibility and an expanded market reach, hybrid apps present an enticing opportunity.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development Training With
The Most Advanced Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction to Flutter

  • What is Flutter?
  • Why choose Flutter for app development?
  • Setting up the development environment (Installing Flutter and Dart)
  • Creating your first Flutter project
  • Understanding the Flutter architecture

Session 2: Dart Programming Basics

  • Introduction to Dart programming language
  • Variables and data types
  • Functions and control structures
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) in Dart

Session 3: Building UI with Flutter

  • Introduction to Flutter widgets
  • Creating layouts with widgets
  • Handling user input (Buttons, Text Fields)
  • Styling and theming your app

Session 4: UI Continued with live project demo

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Session 5: State Management

  • Understanding state and its importance
  • Managing state using setState()
  • Introduction to Provider/Getx for state management
  • Building a basic counter app

Session 6: Navigation and Routing

  • Navigating between screens
  • Using named routes
  • Passing data between screens
  • Implementing a basic app with navigation

Session 7: Working with Lists and Grids

  • Creating lists and grids
  • Using ListView and GridView widgets
  • Building a simple list-based app
  • Infinite scrolling with ListView.builder()

Session 8: Networking and APIs

  • Making HTTP requests in Flutter
  • Fetching data from REST APIs
  • Handling responses and errors
  • Building an app that fetches and displays data

Session 9: Local Data Storage

  • Working with local databases (SQLite)
  • Using shared preferences for data storage
  • Building an app that stores and retrieves data locally

Session 10: Firebase Integration

  • Introduction to Firebase
  • Authentication with Firebase
  • Storing data in Firebase Realtime Database
  • Building a basic Firebase-powered app

Session 11: Working with Device Features

  • Accessing device camera and gallery
  • Using device sensors (e.g., GPS)
  • Implementing device-specific functionality
  • Building a feature-rich app with device integration

Session 12: Deployment and Publishing

  • Preparing your app for release
  • Building an APK or iOS app
  • Deploying to Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Best practices for app publishing

Key Advantages of Hybrid Apps


Scalability Across Platforms

Hybrid apps can effortlessly transition from one platform to another, simplifying the deployment process.


Single Codebase Management

Unlike native apps, where dual development is required, hybrid apps streamline management with a single codebase.


Accelerated Build Time

The streamlined development process reduces the time required to create hybrid apps compared to their native counterparts.



Hybrid apps boast lower development costs, making them a financially viable option for businesses.


Offline Availability

Hybrid apps maintain functionality in offline mode, ensuring users can access previously loaded data when real-time data is unavailable.


Enhanced UX/UI

The combination of native and web features results in a seamless user experience across various platforms, with efficient content loading and adaptive UI elements.


Wider Market Reach

A single hybrid solution can target multiple platforms, making it a cost-effective strategy for reaching a diverse user base.


Ease of Maintenance

Simplified maintenance eliminates versioning complexities, enabling real-time updates without the need for separate versions on each platform.

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Our comprehensive certification programs are meticulously crafted to affirm your skills and knowledge within the dynamic IT industry. Upon successful completion of any of our courses, you will be awarded a globally recognized certification.

But it's more than just a certificate; it's the key that unlocks a world of possibilities. When you earn our certification, you're not merely showcasing your competence; you're swinging open the doors to exciting new opportunities, propelling your career to new heights, and increasing your earning potential.

At Banttech, we believe in empowering individuals with the skills and credentials that can transform lives. Join us on a journey to validate your expertise and seize the future you deserve.

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Banttech app development training and course stands out from others in Bareilly. Our industry experts have meticulously designed a cutting-edge curriculum to nurture your skills. Enroll with us for a reasonable hybrid app development course and embark on a journey towards mastery in this dynamic field. Banttech is your go-to destination for a top-notch Mobile App Development training center in Bareilly.


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