Website Designing Training
in Bareilly

Transform into a Full-Stack Web Designer: Comprehensive 3-Month Training by Industry Professionals Await You!

Learn and Grow: Hands-On Training
by Seasoned Web Design

Banttech's Web Designing training in Bareilly is crafted to maximize student learning. Our goal is to shape full-stack web designers within a 3-month timeframe. Rejecting traditional whiteboard classes, we immerse students in real-time working experiences. Professional web designers guide them on live projects, ensuring hands-on learning.

Full Stack Web Designing Course in Bareilly!

The current online marketplace is saturated with a plethora of innovative web designing solutions, prompting retailers to strive for the optimal online shopping experience.

This dynamic space presents numerous opportunities. Discover the art of delivering a functional Website Solution by incorporating various design and development elements.

Our course provides hands-on training on comprehensive web designing frameworks, imparting essential concepts and methods for crafting full-fledged websites and highly convertible landing pages.

Dive into HTML 5, Bootstrap, CSS, and other necessary tools crucial for effective web page design.

This Bareilly-based website designing course explores vital concepts across business, technology, database, analytics, and setup requirements through engaging real-time projects.

Building stores

Hands-on Practical Training

Elevate your skills by applying theoretical concepts to real-time projects. Comprehensive academic focus completed within 4 months.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Benefit from mentors, guides, and leaders with extensive industry experience, providing invaluable insights and knowledge.

Classroom & On-the-Job Training

Purposeful training to enhance skills and secure a job that aligns with individual capabilities. A blend of classroom and on-the-job training.

100% Placement Assistance

Top performers in the Banttech web designing training program are guaranteed placement within our team. Meritorious interns have the opportunity to work with Banttech based on their performance and interests.

Embark on the journey to become a full-stack web designer and achieve success in your dream job.

Why Choose Banttech Web Designing
Training Program in Bareilly?


Industry Experience

Backed by over 20 years of experience, Team Banttech is a seasoned IT company specializing in software development, engineering, recruitment processes, and training services.


Comprehensive Training Program

Benefit from a blend of Classroom & On-the-Job Training, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience with up-to-date and thorough course content.


Holistic Development

Our program goes beyond technical skills, offering holistic training and development, including essential soft skills training.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Learn in a conducive environment equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to enhance your learning experience.


Access to Experts

Connect with our extensive network of industry experts, providing you with valuable insights and guidance throughout your training journey.

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Detailed Web Designing Training Syllabus

What you are going to learn under website designing course
  • Introduction to HTML

    • HTML Introduction
    • HTML Editors
    • HTML Basic
    • HTML Elements
    • HTML Attributes
    • HTML Headings
    • HTML Paragraphs
    • HTML Styles
    • HTML Formatting
    • HTML Quotations
    • HTML Comments
    • HTML Colors
    • HTML CSS
    • HTML Links
    • HTML Images
    • HTML Favicon
    • HTML Page Title
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Lists
    • HTML Block & Inline
    • HTML Classes
    • HTML Id
    • HTML Iframes
    • HTML Forms
    • HTML Form Attributes
    • HTML Form Elements
    • HTML Input Types
    • HTML Input Attributes
    • HTML Input Form Attributes
    • HTML Media
    • HTML Video
    • HTML Audio
    • HTML Plug-ins
    • HTML YouTube
  • Cascading Style Sheets

    • CSS Selectors
    • CSS How To
    • CSS Comments
    • CSS Colors
    • CSS Backgrounds
    • CSS Borders
    • CSS Margins
    • CSS Padding
    • CSS Height/Width
    • CSS Box Model
    • CSS Outline
    • CSS Text
    • CSS Fonts
    • CSS Icons
    • CSS Links
    • CSS Lists
    • CSS Tables
    • CSS Display
    • CSS Max-width
    • CSS Position
    • CSS Z-index
    • CSS Overflow
    • CSS Float
    • CSS Inline-block
    • CSS Align
    • CSS Combinators
    • CSS Opacity
    • CSS Navigation Bar
    • CSS Dropdowns
    • CSS Image Gallery
    • CSS Image Sprites
    • CSS Forms
    • CSS Advanced
    • CSS Rounded Corners
    • CSS Border Images
    • CSS Backgrounds
    • CSS Colors
    • CSS Color Keywords
    • CSS Gradients
    • CSS Shadows
    • CSS Text Effects
    • CSS Web Fonts
    • CSS Tooltips
    • CSS Style Images
    • CSS Image Reflection
    • CSS object-fit
    • CSS object-position
    • CSS Buttons
    • CSS Variables
    • CSS Box Sizing
    • CSS Media Queries
    • CSS MQ Examples
    • CSS Flexbox
  • Introduction to Bootstrap

    • BS5 Introduction
    • BS5 Containers
    • BS5 Grid Basic
    • BS5 Typography
    • BS5 Colors
    • BS5 Tables
    • BS5 Images
    • BS5 Jumbotron
    • BS5 Alerts
    • BS5 Buttons
    • BS5 Button Groups
    • BS5 Badges
    • BS5 Progress Bars
    • BS5 Spinners
    • BS5 Pagination
    • BS5 List Groups
    • BS5 Cards
    • BS5 Dropdowns
    • BS5 Collapse
    • BS5 Navs
    • BS5 Navbar
    • BS5 Forms
    • BS5 Inputs
    • BS5 Input Groups
    • BS5 Custom Forms
    • BS5 Carousel
    • BS5 Modal
    • BS5 Tooltip
    • BS5 Popover
    • BS5 Toast
    • BS5 Scrollspy
    • BS5 Utilities
    • BS5 Flex
    • BS5 Icons
    • BS5 Media Objects
    • BS5 Filters

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